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#RunTheTap: In partnership with Ghana Aid, The Hustlers Guild has recently launched a yearlong effort-  #RunTheTap-  to increase water accessibility for 30,000 constituents in Ghana. #RunTheTap aims to address the dire water crisis in many areas of Ghana and build diasporic understanding and exchange. We are fundraising for $25,000 to build 10 wells in Lapaz, Chantai Market, Adenta, Chokor, and Newtown areas of the greater Accra capital.

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Target Areas

 Lapaz, Chantai Market, Adenta, Chokor, and Newtown areas of the greater Accra capital. Ghana Aid has engaged area Chiefs and Assembly Men to create a heat map of the most dire and pressing areas to prioritize installation.

Project Goal & Impact

The Hustlers Guild will lead a state side campaign to build 10 water wells, to service 30,000 people for a lifetime.

Get Involved

We are asking people to #RunTheTap and run the tab, by donating any amount big or small,  to support this impactful and life changing cause. The average project will cost around $2,500 USD per install.

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1. Can I sponsor an entire well?

- Yes! Your organization, group of friends, fraternity, sorority, or family can sponsor a water well. 

2. How long will the process take?

- One month once payment is submitted. All donors will be notified once construction is completed. 

3. How closely does HG work with Ghana Aid?

- The HG and Ghana Aid team meets 3 times a week and is in constant communication daily via WhatsApp!

4. How would my donation be recognized?

- Each well comes with a sign that will list all donors who contribute $250.00 and up. 


A Message from Ghana Aid

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