“TED Talk” style speakers series featuring a wide range of professionals in the public sector, private sector and entrepreneurial paths. Speakers are selected based on surveys completed by each cohort of students.


HG uniquely focuses on three areas of development and preparation for students (1. College and career readiness, 2. certifications, and 3. Entrepreneurship). To promote inclusive learning and heighten engagement all of our programming is student-driven based on their interests and lack of exposure to various industries. The Hustlers Guild has three programs that we provide to students


Focus on supporting students pursuing performing arts and careers in mass communications. There are 8 weeks of seminars and workshops on advancement skills, internship opportunities, and career exposure in fields that meet at the intersection of hip hop culture and mass communications/entertainment.


A pipeline to internship and/or entry-level career opportunities for students by focusing on out-of-classroom learning experiences where students are able to travel to shadow professionals or attend informational meet and greet at HG partner work sites. Hustlers drive also awards traditional and non-traditional scholarship opportunities high school seniors participating in our program.



Individual members of The Hustlers Guild have been active in our respective communities for years. The organization was formed because we believed our collective voice would garner a larger social impact than continuing independently. Here's a glimpse of our reach to date.

In addition, HG trains and hosts professional development seminars for teachers and administrators on the importance of integrating a diverse and inclusive curriculum.

Grant us the serenity to stay true to ourselves, dedicated to our talents, and provide resources to our neighborhoods and communities. 

The Hustlers Guild Prayer

"Programs like the Hustlers Guild help prepare more youth of color to enter STEAM disciplines and thrive there. By supporting the Hustlers Guild, we will be making a lifelong difference in the lives of students and families..." Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC)

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Director Yasmin Salina donated 2000.00 worth of Christmas gifts to families in need.